Application possibilities for electric motors



Many manufacturers of electric-powered processing machines and hand tools have developed their own specialized expertise in the respective market segments that help set themselves apart from other manufacturers.


As a partner of these manufacturers from various segments, Suhner has become specialized in the production of small lots!



Concentrating on our core competency

As diverse as applications are, electric tools essentially consist of two functional units: the head containing the actual processing tool and the drive with the motor, housing, and power transmission elements. As a rule, the core competency of a tool manufacturer relates to the head. Due to cost considerations, however, a specialized manufacturer is needed for the new development and production of the drive components. As an outsourcing partner, Suhner offers series-proven drive components.


The following properties of an outsourcing partner are especially important for a customer:

  • Orientation to finding solutions that benefit the customer
  • Order-based development and production capacity
  • Quality, reliability, and durability of the components
  • Options for customer modifications
  • Flexibility in terms of the lot size
  • Short tool-changing times
  • Rapid production of prototypes
  • Suitability as a systems provider
  • Project support from the design to carrying out the qualification measures in accordance with EN/IEC


Suhner provides standardized drive and power transmission elements for the new development of machines and tools that derive from the ongoing production of electric tools for surface processing. Developed from experience gained in daily operation, these components fulfill the high demands that are placed on reliability, performance, and efficiency, yet are low in weight. The performance and motor speeds of the components can be adapted and combined with special, customized parts. Prototypes of performance-modified motors can typically be delivered within one week. Motor housings and externally mounted gearboxes are also available in addition to series-proven electric motors. SUHNER has its own production line for aluminum diecast housings just for this purpose.